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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Erased Memory

Things don't always go our way. Sometimes we have to compromise, accept and learn, realizing that there are always hidden blessings in everything that happened.
Things don't always appear clearly. I learn that to judge something by being non-judgemental is always the safest and more relieving, or to avoid the guilty feeling.
Things don't always revolve around you. They never have.

Some things are better left alone.

I am getting older. And starting to realize how much things I have gone through and learn, easy way and hard way. How different my reaction would be if I am faced with a challenge today, and 5 years back. How ignorant I've become.

Ignorant might be too a strong word. Indifferent, unconcern, apathetic, nonchalant. And I maybe can rationalized why a person just grow into that once they step into adulthood. Things are just too complicated to be taken care of each of its tiny detail.

And things changed.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

She Is

4 weeks of no-coursework mornings have been heaven. But this heaven will only last for another 2 weeks. Now I went to Oxfam 2 mornings perweek, so that I wont wake up at 10am everyday *sigh* Just completed the essay for an application. It was avery long time ago since I wrote anything longer than A4 paper, except for the facts-and-dry lab reports. Life has been great.

But catching-up hasn't been anywhere near greatness. Academic that is. Will try harder next time. :)

Air terjun and sungai finally done. Sapa nak tolong kat backstage?? :D Hope it'll stay that way during the night. We did a lot of spraying, and I can't imagine how much suspended solids I've inhaled during the making of those stuff. Someone pointed out that I may decreased my life expectancy by 1 year for every session of spraying done. And we had like, 6 sessions?

Pulled out from Frank Morton's netball. Can't really take my chance if all the articles I read in the internet about Frank Morton sports will have the word 'drink' or its past tense and past participle in each of the sentences.

Had a basketball match against King's last 2 weeks. Got trashed big time. But I played for UCL anyway, so it's not Imperial that sucks :P And I scored like, 40% of the points? But it was fun though, a nice reminiscence of old days in KMYS. I missed the interhouse tourneys. :(

And I can't come for the 1st April Alumni gathering in Southampton! But I'll be in Venice with my mom anyway, which is wayy funner :D

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca

Spain is interesting. And I guess I can comprehend why Sin went there twice. But for me, 2 days each in Barcelona and Madrid seems like an overestimate, and made me realize that I don't like big cities. When you learn and live in London, other big cities can't surprise you anymore. At least that is what happening to me.

But I went there anyway. And one of my dear travelmate already encountered a misfortune on the first day. Thankfully it was still under control and we went on enjoying sights of the city and what it has to offer. I stuffed myself with seafood, as what I always do whenever I am travelling-try the local cuisine. 2nd day, THE misfortune befalled upon us. There goes my 25euro.

Barcelona has more tourist attraction as compared to Madrid, but Madrid is better for shopping :D MNG, Zara, and the whole Gran Via for us girls *eheh*

As for Vienna, that would be ANOTHER big city. It has a lot of great museums, in which one of them that I entered (Fine Arts Museum) was having Goya's (a famous Spanish painter) special exhibition. Which explains why I couldn't be bothered to enter any museums in Madrid.

Budapest is picturesque, friendly, cheap, cheap, cheap. (Tell that to those earning Ringgit Malaysia). Which leading me to eat eat eat.

Berchtesgaden reminds me to Tanjung Malim. A place that I don't mind living when I reach 80, old, wrinkly with no energy to travel around the world anymore. It is exactly like a fairy tale land. :)

And my favourite place so far - Salzburg :) Home of Sound of Music, it certainly has much more to offer than just Maria Von Trapp and her 7 children. Word can't explain how I love the place, and pictures just don't do justice for it. Everything was so magical.

And I can't wait for my mom to come to London this Easter. We're going to conquer Rome and Venice!! :D

Before that, there's a separation plant to be run, a report to be completed, another control project in 4 weeks time, 2 midterm paper, a Frank Morton's netball match to be played, another domestic problem to be settled, a bunch of 12-hours-in-IC session to be undergone, and a sungai and air terjun for 2006 IC MNite to be build. oh, and a lot of catching up and revision to be done. Well, that doesn't look too bad. Right?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dancing Queen

Salzburg cantik. Berchtesgaden cantik. Budapest cantik. Vienna pun cantik.

Just got back from Budapest this morning, and intended to sleep for at least 10 hours. Unfortunately, I woke up after 2 hours, and started to unpack and clean the toilet (?). Seriously disturbed.

My winter Europe trip this time was with Wan Mae, Ah Beng, Chin Lik, Wilson, Winn Hui and Min Hui. Will upload the photos soon but they will not do justice to these beautiful places. Anyway at least I am done with Austria, Hungary and Germany (kind of :P)

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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Done with reactor design. Harap tak melotup.

The day always seems to be more beautiful on the day I submit any reports. And it was indeed yesterday.

But then this strangest feeling came. I miss the college. The feeling of thrill and rushing to complete the work. The drive to wake me up every morning, and taking the bus to college when everyone else is still sleeping, and reach back home only when the department has almost been deserted. Eating lunch in computer lab. Praying in that small room behind the lecture theatre, coz I don't have the time to walk to the prayer room. Staring at the Maple until my eyes became watery.

"hey ufah, in 40 mins time it'll be 12 hours of you being in this computer lab.."

And surprisingly, it doesn't seem to sound so bad to me. I think I am seriously turning into something else.

I miss the college, and the holiday had not even started yet. And someone mentioned that I might need psychological help. Or probably what I need is a life. Or probably this is the life that I want.

Seriously, I might be turning into something else.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Don't Bother

Next time be even more stupider.

Sape suruh pandai2 tutup emailbox org?

Kill me after our next project is done ok.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


A1 : We're done right? Can we print this stuff straight away? I don't want to see you again tomorrow.....
A2 : What? I've been looking for excuses to see you but you tell me you don't want to see me again...
A1 : ....

aih buat comel la pulak dia ni....

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